• Lou is a full time professional guitar teacher that is classically trained with a deep understanding of music. Every lesson, every song you learn, is accompanied the underlying music theory or technique that will make you a better guitarist. He takes his teaching seriously, he is a full time Music teacher, not just another good guitarist that teaches on the side to make some extra cash. It is amazing to me how he is an expert at such a wide variety of music, Classical, Blues, Finger style, Rock, and his current love - Jazz . Young or Old, beginner or advanced, you will be glad you picked Lou! • 5/5 stars March 25, 2014

Bill D.

Lou Larson is the Best Guitar Teacher in Cincinnati. Lou helped me improve my Confidence, Finger Speed, and Lead playing. More importantly, I learned about scales and understanding of "How to listen and what to listen for in the song" when playing with other people. I Know I’m doing a good job when playing with friends, and truly enjoy playing in front of other people. I had tried YouTube, and some other teachers over the years, but Guitar Lessons with Lou was Money well Spent!

Carson S.

Lou is an excellent guitar teacher. Three years ago, I had never played guitar and was seeking someone to help me learn. Lou helped me pick out my first guitar (and now several more), and I began my lessons. He is an excellent teacher - he keeps the material interesting by taking a real interest in my tastes, and just as importantly he is teaching me to PLAY THE INSTRUMENT as opposed to just playing some songs. By combining basic music theory with practical exercises, I have improved quickly and look forward every week to my lesson. Highly recommend

Ken M

Lou is a great teacher. He was able to hone in on what I really wanted to learn and was able to teach me the material in a practical, easy to learn format. I've had other teachers in different disciplines and Lou ranks right up there with the best of them. Not only is he a great teacher but he's a fantastic guitar player and an all around great guy. I would recommend him to anyone who wants to really learn how to play guitar.

Mark D

I was a brand new student 3 years ago and started with Lou based on a recommendation from another student of his that I work with. He has taught me as well as my high school son. We have progressed dramatically and continuously on all the major fronts; sight reading, finger exercises, basic rhythm and lead composition. I can work with him on classical exercises, country, folksy acoustic and heavy metal electric with tons of overdrive. This has made a lifelong goal of playing a musical instrument a true reality. My wife even remarks that she can recognize my feeble attempts to play a certain song by my guitar alone--no accompanying instruments or soundtracks. That speaks well to progressing at a difficult but attainable goal. I highly recommend him!!!!!

Brian S

Lou is the real deal!!! I would highly recommend taking guitar lessons with Lou whether you are a beginner (like myself) or advanced and just want further instruction. He has been in the music industry for years, is extremely knowledgeable, and is super personable. I found Lou's contact information on Thumbtack and I could not be happier learning how to play.

Britt B

Studying guitar under Lou has been a great decision. I did not decide to pursue guitar until I was in my 50's. Lou has remained patient throughout, and helped me learn to play the music I love. His lessons are always challenging, yet always fun. Every lesson is thought out to advance my playing skills, pushing me to improve using songs I love to play. Lou is the absolute best guitar mentor anyone could ever ask for. Anyone who gets the opportunity I have, to study with Lou, will find it a amazing experience. He is the consummate professional.

Rob B

I heard Lou was a great guitar instructor from a friend so I requested a lesson at his first opening. I am a beginner and a visual learner so I was amazed at his enthusiasm to teach me the fundamentals when he has such experienced students. His patience with and belief in my talent when I had neither really inspired me to get better. His instruction is deep but communicated simply so the novice is served well beyond the initial lesson. As an example, while teaching me the song Everlong (acoustic), he broke the song down into fundamental percussive patterns (David Grohl was originally a drummer), pick holds and illustrated transition strums between cords. While "I'll never learn this", was my initial thought, he had proved me wrong in the previous year so i rolled with it. That one lesson allowed me to progress much deeper into a difficult song - something one cannot achieve from Internet Tabs.

Ravi S

It doesn’t matter if you just bought your first guitar, or if you’re getting ready to go on tour. If you want stop wasting time, and get your guitar playing together. Lou is the best! I had taken lessons with a few other teachers, but Lou changed everything about how I played guitar, and I will always be grateful for the knowledge he shared. Rock On!


My time studying with Lou Larson was incredibly beneficial for my growth as a guitarist. I had already been playing for more than a decade before I came to Lou and he did an excellent job of helping me to identify and correct my own weaknesses, especially with regards to my technique.

Andy Mclain

Lou was a great teacher, not only for his incredible talent and wisdom, but because he viewed me as a person, not just a student. He took the time to get to know my likes, strengths, and areas in which I needed to improve and used this information while creating a lesson plan designed to meet my specific needs. Above all, Lou loves the guitar and it was his passion for his instrument that truly inspired me to practice and explore my own purpose as a musician.


Lou is exactly what any aspiring guitarist wants out of a teacher. He is not just friendly and patient, but an extremely knowledgeable and talented musician. He has a natural gift and love of teaching that shows every lesson. I could not imagine how far behind my playing and understanding of music would be if I did not take lessons with Lou. I've recommended every person I know who wants to learn guitar to Lou, and no one has ever been disappointed with the results. There are thousands of guitar teachers out there in the world, but very few like Lou.

Brett Mc

I am an artist and musician and have been playing the guitar professionally for years. Lou Larson is my guitar instructor. He is extremely passionate and able to relate to every student regardless of their level of skill. He has a unique way of communicating and connecting with each student because he’s never forgotten the days he personally started learning and how far he has personally grown as a skilled musician. I’ve never met anyone more passionate about music and music theory than Lou. I’m very fortunate to be under his guidance. I recommend him often to others.

Paul W. Collins Velvet Soul Entertainment

I began lessons with Lou with an already decent ability to play guitar. Though he significantly improved my technical mastery of the instrument, more importantly, he unveiled the creative elements to playing guitar that were previously mysterious and unattainable to me. As a musician, Lou posses a unique brand of creativity that is the trademark of a truly unfettered artist, and as a teacher, he posses the even more unique ability to teach this to his students.

John R, age 19

Lou Larson, My Guitar Hero! I started taking lessons from Lou about 8 years ago when a rare opening became available in his schedule and after a short stint with another guitar instructor. The difference in technical understanding, skill and teaching abilities were immediately obvious. As I got to know Lou, I realized that his love of teaching stemmed from his passion for all things guitar. He never appeared to be teaching as a job but more for his love of sharing his knowledge. While I know that Lou counts many accomplished guitarists as his students, I found him to be incredibly patient and helpful to me as a new guitarist. Regardless of the song we worked on, Lou always challenged me to continue working on my technique which is beneficial for any song. Each week, I look forward to spending time with Lou furthering my guitar playing skills and exploring the wonderful world of music. Lou makes learning a rewarding and fun experience.

Barry J

The opportunity to study with Lou was the missing link that I needed to get my playing together. I had been playing guitar for 5 years, and had studied with 3 different teachers before finding Lou. Lou isolates problems, explained technique, and theory in a easy to understand way. This helped me to become a guitar player, and stop being a person who copies other people’s songs. If you want to really start playing guitar, get in with Lou for lessons; now! I only wish I would have started with Lou, and not wasted my time with mediocre teachers.

Joe B

In my experience studying guitar with Lou Larson, my lasting impressions of Lou are his versatility and his musicianship. Lou's love of all genres of music enables him to teach all styles to aspiring guitarists. He accomplishes this using a wide array of techniques and tools, catered to the learning style of his student. From his extensive use of both audio and video to reinforce key points, to classic and modern methods and techniques, students are exposed to top notch players and teachers in their style of choice. No matter the student or genre, Lou's versatility allows him to connect and inspire his student to take the next step in their playing. Coupled with his vast appreciation of all types of music is Lou's impressive resume of performance experience. As Lou teaches, he naturally gives insight into what it takes to be a top notch performer, how to feed off other band members, and how to use the guitar to tastefully ornament a musical setting. These are lessons that can take years to develop independently. Lou's emphasis 'making music', not just 'playing guitar,' single handedly took my playing to another level over the course of my study with him. I highly recommend him to both novice and experienced players looking to take a step forward with their skills.

Dan E

I began learning from Lou at the age of 15; he took me from a rank beginner to an advanced level player. I have been learning from Lou for over 7 years and he has never failed to provide a careful analysis of the current strengths and weaknesses in my playing and utilizing it to prepare well thought out lesson plans. Lou has great ability in both creating music and in conveying to the student his vast knowledge of guitar technique and general composition in a manner that is totally accessible to any player. For the serious player, especially; Lou is hard to beat. If you stick with him he can guide and advise you in the long term, having been a serious musician for many years. This vast pool of experience allows him to move beyond the role of the music instructor and into the role of the mentor.

Christopher Mc

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